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Citizens State Bank is aware that Target has been the

 victim of a debit card and/or credit card compromise. 

This data breach occurred between November 27th -

December 15th at Target stores in the USA.


The stolen data includes customer names, credit

and/or debit card numbers, card expiration dates and

 the three-digit security code located on the backs of

 the cards.


If your card was affected by this breach, we will

contact you by phone and/or letter.  Meanwhile please

 monitor your accounts for any unusual activity and

report it as soon as possible by calling 715-289-4253.


UPDATE -- We have been notified that customer information

other then just debit and credit card information was breached

including email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing

addresses.  If you ever do receive a call, email, or letter

requesting card information, your social security number, or any

other confidential information PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM

ANYTHING.  Please just give us a call at 715-289-4253 and

let us know someone is trying to contact you.  Thank you

for your cooperation.

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