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Business Bill Pay

No writing, licking, stamping, or sticking! Business Bill Pay is a convenient way for you to pay all your bills – as well as manage your resources – from one secure website. It’s as simple as visiting this website, logging into your Business Bill Pay account, and placing our financial management features at your fingertips. If you enjoy online bill pay as a consumer, then you will love online bill pay for your business.

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What can I do?

  • Access Business Bill Pay-e anytime, day or night from the Internet
  • Schedule regular fixed payments on specified dates, or pay individual invoices
  • Choose when to pay monthly bills
  • Employee Payroll Deposits
  • Payroll Tax Administration
  • Multiple-User Access

Who can I pay?

  • Almost any payee located in the Unites States
  • Payee restrictions include:
    • Tax authorities, government agencies or collection agencies
    • Security companies such as Ameritrade for stock purchases or trade taxing authorities
    • Court directed payments (child support, alimony, or other legal debts)

How much does it cost?

  • Business Bill Pay-e is very inexpensive at only $8 per month, which includes 10 free transactions.  Each transaction over 10 in a month will incur a fee of $.50. (Each payroll processing is considered one transaction regardless of number of employees paid).

How do I sign up?

  • To enroll in Business Bill Pay-e, simply click here.  Online enrollment is easy and fast.

How do I set up payments online?

  • You will need to have your bills handy, including the remittance portion with the payee name and remittance address.
  • Add each vendor to your “payee” list (each payee set-up is required only one time)
  • After your payees are set up, you can easily schedule payments.

Will I still receive my monthly bills through the mail?

  • Yes, you will continue to receive your regular billing statements from your vendors as usual.

What type of account do I need?

  • You may designate any number of Citizens State Bank checking accounts for Business Bill Pay-e payments.

Is Business Bill Pay secure?

  • The safety and security of your information is as important to us as it is to you.  We utilize the latest 128 encryption technology over a secure server.  In addition, access to Business Bill Pay-e requires a login with a password that only you know.


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